XOM Materials Opens US Office

Atlanta Office Opening First Step of International Expansion
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  • TH Technischer Handel
    Oct 31, 2018

    A new sales channel for businesses

    Online sales in the steel and materials industry is often being seen as too complex and not relevant for practical purposes. XOM Materials developed an infrastructure for online steel and materials sales. It is an additional sales channel for businesses on a high technological level, which employs industry experts.

    CCO Tim Milde states: “We consider ourselves our customers’ partners. We are convinced that XOM will be able to be a neutral marketplace for the steel and materials sourcing.”

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  • Stahlreport
    Sep 30, 2018

    Opportunities for New Technologies

    Technology significantly changes the steel industry. Companies, which are adopting technologies will continue to be successful in the future as well, was the conclusion of the Klöckner Forum “Value-add Technology”. Tim Milde, CCO of XOM Materials, introduced the young company. The platform’s goal is to introduce more efficient processes via XOM and hence supplant the currently inefficient trading of the steel and materials industry.

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